News from low-Earth orbit and beyond

HEO USA Secures NOAA Approval For Non-Earth Imaging Cameras

HEO USA announced they’ve received approval from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to operate their Holmes non-Earth Imaging (NEI) camera as hosted payloads on US flagged space vehicles.

HEO and Sidus Space Announce Second Contract for Non-Earth Imaging Payload and Data Services

HEO, a leading provider of non-Earth imaging and data, announced that it has finalized a deal with Sidus Space (NASDAQ: SIDU), a multi-faceted Space and Data-as-a-Service satellite company.

Non-Earth Imaging for Space Sustainability and Space Debris Management

Non-Earth imaging is a breakthrough technology that has invaluable contributions to ensure a safe and sustainable space environment.

UK Space Agency project captures images of satellite returning to Earth

Images from space showing the European Remote Sensing Satellite (ERS-2) as it makes its return to Earth, have been released today by the UK Space Agency.

HEO Inspect 2.0 Product Update (February, 2024)

Find out how you can unleash the power of non-Earth imaging and maximise your time with HEO Inspect 2.0's new and upcoming features.

HEO Announces Partnership with Impulse Space for Non-Earth Imaging Services

Impulse will host HEO’s in-space imager, HOLMES-007, onboard a Mira orbital transfer vehicle (OTV) as part of the LEO Express-2 mission.

Top 5 Non-Earth Imaging Photos From 2023

Take a tour of HEO's top 5 non-Earth imaging photos from 2023

HEO Expands Global Presence With The Opening of USA Office

HEO announces the establishment of its United States of America office, HEO (USA)

Adler: Largest Camera Dedicated to Non-Earth Imaging

To unravel in-orbit mysteries and monitor existing satellites in unique orbits, HEO's Adler is set to revolutionise our understanding of spacecraft.

HEO and Sidus Space Announce Contract for Non-Earth Imaging Payload and Data Services

Sidus Space will incorporate HEO’s Holmes Imager as a hosted payload on the second set of LizzieSat missions.

Revolutionising Outer Space Observations: Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imaging with Space-based sensors

A ground-breaking project supported by the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA)’s “Bravo Drop” open call and carried out by Astroscale, HEO, and the Cranfield University, has delivered new innovations in the field of space-to-space imagery.

Meet Holmes Imager, the next-generation telescopic space camera

Holmes Imager is a telescopic space camera developed by HEO Robotics and designed to be hosted as a secondary payload on spacecraft.

HEO Unveils Groundbreaking Advancements to Non-Earth Imaging at T-Minus Event, Secures $12 Million AUD Funding Led by Airtree Ventures

HEO Unveils Groundbreaking Advancements to Non-Earth Imaging at T-Minus Event, Secures $12 Million AUD Funding Led by Airtree Ventures ‍

HEO Robotics’ Software-First Approach to Space Sustainability and Safety

The proliferation of space debris, the increasing complexity of space operations, the emergence of large constellations and the increased risks of collision and interference with the operation of space objects may affect the long-term sustainability of space activities.

HEO Robotics Joins Satellite Vu's Early Access Programme

HEO Robotics, a leading provider of satellite-to-satellite imagery intelligence and data, has announced its participation in Satellite Vu's Early Access Programme (EAP).

2022 in Review

We launched our hardware-backed software product, HEO Inspect, expanded our partnerships, discovered the unknowns, and grew our team.

HEO Robotics identifies previously unknown ‘Object K’ as space debris

This week HEO Robotics released a White Paper identifying a previously unidentified object known only to the western world as ‘2021-033K’ or ‘Object K’ as space debris, likely a half of a payload fairing of a Long March 6 rocket


T-Minus, the HEO Inspect product reveal

The future of space software is here.


Advancing deep space technologies

Dr. Jill Seubert is a consultant for HEO Robotics as a technical advisor for advanced deep space projects


HEO Robotics funded by Y Combinator

HEO Robotics has been funded by Y Combinator as part of the S21 batch


HEO Robotics raises seed capital, to scale in-orbit inspection operations

This seed financing capital will be used to grow the world’s first in-orbit inspection product, HEO Inspect


HEO Robotics to launch on-orbit inspection camera onboard Space Machine Company’s Space Transporter

HEO Robotics has partnered with Australian in-space transportation provider Space Machines Company (SMC) to launch an on-orbit inspection camera in 2022


HEO wins Australian Space Agency sponsored award

HEO was awarded as the space category winner of the 2020 Australian Technologies Competition


World 2nd: HEO Robotics verifies Earth Observation satellite for in-orbit inspection service

At HEO Robotics, we are using Earth observation satellites to image other spacecraft to perform health checks


HEO Robotics Master Plan (or how to visit asteroids for free, in three simple steps)

HEO Robotics (based in Sydney, Australia) was created to visit, and collect data on, as many asteroids as possible.


HEO Robotics wins slot in SGAC SpaceGen Entrepreneurs panel at IAC 2019

HEO Robotics CEO, Dr. William Crowe, is one of just three entrepreneurs selected by SGAC and the Luxembourg Space Agency to present a TED-style talk at the SpaceGen Entrepreneurs panel at IAC 2019


HEO Robotics in contention for Australia's next flagship space mission

The Asteroid Century mission concept developed by HEO Robotics has been selected by CSIRO as one of the contenders for Australia's next flagship space mission


HEO Robotics engages in space demonstration with Royal Australian Air Force

HEO Robotics is committed to driving the next generation of strategic Space Situational Awareness from the high ground


HEO teams with UNSW for space navigation

HEO Robotics and ACSER are proud to be partnering together to develop navigation solutions for cubesats.


HEO Robotics launches asteroid alert service

HEO Robotics recently released an asteroid alert service for students, ametuer astronomers and anyone who’s curious about space


HEO Robotics at Founder 10X Graduation Day

UNSW Michael Crouch Innovation Centre’s inaugural startup accelerator program, Founder 10X, came to a conclusion last week


HEO Robotics to take part in Blackbox Connect

Taking part in Blackbox Connect will allow HEO Robotics to strengthen their partnerships with US based customer and investor network


HEO Robotics enters Founder 10x

HEO Robotics becomes a part of UNSW’s inaugural startup accelerator program, Founder 10X


HEO Robotics Receives New South Wales MVP Grant

HEO Robotics recently received the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) grant from New South Wales Department of Industry