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HEO is a space technology company delivering on-demand non-Earth imagery and intelligence on spacecraft of interest. With our innovative software platform, HEO Inspect, we are dedicated to advancing our understanding of space objects through high resolution imaging, fast data acquisition, and extended coverage of objects. HEO's mission is to make space activities transparent and empower global space players with invaluable insights into space activities. We currently serve government, defence and commercial customers in Australia, USA, and UK.

Our Values

HEO supports the growth of space-based services that provide critical infrastructure and solutions to life on Earth. The same innovation we put into crafting our products and services we bring into tackling issues we care deeply about, like space sustainability, safety and security, responsible custodianship, and accessibility. We are working to leave the world better than we found it. And to do that, we repurpose cameras from in-orbit satellites to help categorise space debris, identify threats, and develop strategies for debris removal and management. We give governments, commercial players, and defence organisations the information they need to keep satellites connected and people protected.

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