The Solution for Satellite Inspection

HEO delivers on-demand non-Earth imagery and information on spacecraft of interest, so that space players can confidently act in space and on Earth. With our innovative software platform, HEO Inspect, we rapidly identify spacecraft and assess their status, operation, and anomalous behaviour. HEO partners with Earth observation satellite constellations and launches own non-Earth imagery (NEI) sensors as hosted payloads with the goal to achieve proliferation of NEI sensors on all orbits in the Earth-Moon system. HEO is headquartered in Australia with offices in the UK and USA.

Our Vision

Our vision is to image anything in the solar system on demand. This is because of the two following beliefs:

We believe space should be easy

We believe that space should be transparent

To meet our mission using our beliefs, we collect imagery and retrieve information from the images we collect.

Our Values

We have three values that influence how we meet our vision

cosmic backgroun


  • We care both about natural and artificial objects in the Solar System
  • We want to encourage responsible space operations
  • We want to encourage sustainable space operations


  • We want to achieve as much information as possible using the least resources possible
  • We want to operate with excellence, by using our software applied to partners' spacecraft
  • We put spacecraft to additional uses
  • We retask satellites on additional missions
  • We minimise maneuvers with a high fuel and time cost
satellite over Earth
Moon over Earth


  • We want to become THE ground-truth provider
  • We implement reliable, repeatable processes
  • We always answer the question “why”
Will Crowe and Hiranya Jayakody
Media Kit

Media Kit

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