HEO Robotics enters Founder 10x

HEO Robotics becomes a part of UNSW’s inaugural startup accelerator program, Founder 10X.  HEO Robotics is 1 of 10 startups qualified to participate in the program from over 100 applicants, and the only space company to be funded by the program. Founder 10X aims to mentor, and fund 10 high potential startups founded by UNSW students and recent alumni.

UNSW’s inaugural startup accelerator program, Founder 10X

Each team will receive $20,000 funding from Founder 10X to support their ventures and will be taking part in Blackbox Ignite workshop in Silicon Valley as part of the program. UNSW Founder 10X program is conducted by a set of experienced educators and mentors who have played vital roles in some of the major tech brands in the world.

HEO Robotics aims to grow their network and accelerate the product design process enabling them to be investor ready at the end of the program.