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Request Inspection

Request new non-Earth imagery from HEO's steadily expanding network of space-based sensors


Imaging Opportunities

HEO Inspect selects a satellite to complete the task with the best and fastest opportunity

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a satellite taking a picture of another satellite


Close Approach

Satellite completes the imaging task and delivers data to HEO Inspect


Report Generation

HEO Inspect delivers new and useful intelligence of the satellite within 24 hours of imaging

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Everything You Wanted To Know.
When You Wanted To Know.

Our uninterrupted software provides detailed intelligence to give users an understanding of objects in space including their function, role, activity, and history when they need it.

A resolved image of the Hubble Space Telescope

Object Activity

Accurately determine the dimensions and targeting of an object in real-time. We provide information on an object's spin rate and axis, activity, behaviour, and changes over time, as well as its relationship with the satellite's orbit.

Object Characterisation

Determine an object's size, materials, assess power generation capabilities, and locate different on-board subsystems to provide a better understanding of the object's structure, appearance, and capabilities.

Pattern of life analysis

Understand how an object changes and behaves over time. Instead of viewing the results from a standalone mission, you can assess the capability and attribution of a satellite through its life.

Attitude Estimation

Assess the orientation of a satellite when the image was taken. Attitude estimation can serve active debris removal, validate if a satellite is in safe mode to check if we can recover it, and determine which way a docking port is pointing.

Unifying intelligence in a single space software solution

HEO Inspect gives you the complete information to free up valuable resources and make important decisions quickly when it comes to managing and monitoring critical space infrastructure.


Realtime Analytics

We leverage 39 space-based sensors to provide 100% uptime and give customers the confidence they need to make informed decisions and act in the ever-changing world of space operations.

User Journey

We let you request a high volume of new imagery from HEO to monitor objects important to your mission.


Automated Reports

HEO Insights are delivered to your account 24-hours after the imaging mission takes place.

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