HEO Inspect

Our resilient space architecture creates non-Earth imagery and comprehensive analytics, available on demand. HEO Inspect finds optimal imaging opportunities and quickly detects satellites to get the most out of resolution and turnaround time. Our information is used to optimise in-orbit operations, ensure the safety and security of space assets, and bolster space situational awareness.

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Unprecedented insights at unmatched speeds

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Quality Images

With resolution up to 7.5cm/pixel we can determine an object's size, materials, assess power generation capabilities, and locate different on-board subsystems to provide a better understanding of the object's structure and appearance.

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Distributed Sensors

Our steadily expanding network of space-based sensors ensures we're at the right place at the right time to deliver images and information on space objects. We currently cover up to 800 kilometers.

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Automated Processes

HEO's AI/ML algorithms autonomously processes imaging opportunities and detects the satellite in frame to inspect and monitor in near real-time.

HEO INspecT Technology

Non-Earth Imagery at Scale 

HEO Inspect is purpose-built to easily provide and access high quality information on in-orbit threats, detailed data on spacecraft, and a comprehensive understanding of debris objects.

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HEO Inspect seamlessly integrates with multiple space situational awareness tracking data sources and processes over 30,000 objects in orbit to automatically predict potential imaging opportunities with each satellite in our sensor network.


Our automated smart tasking systems are designed to optimise NEI missions for exceptional quality and rapid execution. This includes relative velocity, solar lighting conditions, sensor characteristics and other critical path variables for successful images.

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HEO’s platform ensures continuous communication between ground and space segments, conducting real-time status checks for enhanced operational oversight right up until the moment of image collection.


HEO Inspect processes all downlinked data using advanced machine learning to quickly identify any spacecraft, satellites, or debris within the frame, streamlining the data analysis process and delivering results at high speeds.

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HEO Inspect's proprietary analytics and an array of built-in tools deliver unparalleled insights such as objects state and size, attitude and more, to empower space agencies, space analysts, and operators to successfully fulfill their mission objectives.


HEO’s experienced team of NEI analysts help compile comprehensive data into a robust report within 24 hours of each imaging mission. Reports are seamlessly delivered HEO’s secure web-based portal along with all key data, enabling analysts to get the insights they need.

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How Astroscale uses HEO Inspect to keep space sustainable