Supporting our commitment to make space transparent and sustainable, we leverage third party sensors already in space or host our proprietary Holmes or Adler imagers on multi-use space vehicles to extend orbital coverage.  Our innovative technology turns single capability satellites into multi-use capability satellites to make the most of their time in orbit without compromising core mission objectives.

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Fast track your entry into the NEI market and realise additional revenue during satellite downtime

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Space Sustainability

Support space sustainability by working with HEO to improve satellite efficiency and effectiveness

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Our technology integrates with your existing systems without compromising core mission objectives

Our Sensors

HEO's Enabling Hardware

We developed two telescopic space cameras, Holmes and Adler, designed to be easily hosted as a secondary payload on spacecraft.

Holmes is HEO’s first in-orbit imaging system designed and developed to deliver the highest resolution in a compact form on micro-sized satellites. Operating as a hosted payload, Holmes is able to capture resolved imagery of space objects as they fly past the host spacecraft.

Aperture Size

94 mm


274 (L) x 115 (W) x 125 (H) mm

Resolution (GSD)

1.7 m at 500km

A render of the Holmes Imager

Adler is HEO’s second in-orbit imaging system engineered for exceptional spatial resolution on small to large-sized satellites. Operating as a hosted payload, Adler is optimised to achieve higher resolutions at a much larger frame rate.

Aperture Size

194 mm


480 (L) x 220 (W) x 224 (H) mm

Resolution (GSD)

1.1 m at 500km

Render of the Adler Imager

Let's Talk

Consider applying to join our partnerships program if your sensors meet the minimum specifications. Have a spacecraft going to space and need a sensor? Reach out!

Pointing Error

< 10% of the FOV of the Sensor

Imaging Type

Snapshot Preferable

Telemetry Data

Onboard GPS & Sensor Attitude

Image Resolution (GSD)

<10m/pixel @ 500km

Timing Error

< 5ms

Sensor Tasking

Secure API (Optional)

A render of the Holmes Imager with a graphic of Earth and a satellite in the background.

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