2022 in Review

We made 2022 transparent.

In what was a thrilling year for the entire space industry, it's time to reflect on the advancements and milestones reached by HEO Robotics. We helped government, defence, and commercial organisations across the globe to better understand space through resolved imagery and analytics.  Along the way, we launched our hardware-backed software product, HEO Inspect, expanded our partnerships, discovered the unknowns, and grew our team. Let’s take a closer look at the top moments that have made headlines in 2022 and how we’re paving the way for even greater achievements in the future.

Unveiling the future of space software

A screenshot from the HEO Inspect software platform

We held our first official product launch, T-Minus, in Sydney, Australia. Here, we publicly unveiled our software platform product, HEO Inspect, to the world. Since launch, this groundbreaking tool revolutionised the way we monitor and protect our space assets. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, HEO Inspect delivers essential insights to commercial, defence, and government agencies to help advance their understanding of their space asset and its environment.

Identifying the unknown

CEO & Co-Founder Will Crowe and Graduate Research Engineer Sam Kirkwood looking at captured Object K

Shortly after our product release, we showed the world what HEO Inspect is all about. We released a White Paper identifying a previously unidentified object known to the world as ‘2021-033K’ or ‘Object K’ as space debris, likely half of a payload fairing of a Long March 6 rocket. At HEO Robotics, we have a “no UFO policy.” Orbital debris is a growing risk for the continuity of space-based services and for physical space assets. We will continue to leverage our capabilities to identify unknown objects and learn more about how the creation of similar types of debris can be mitigated in future.

We grew

The view from HEO Robotics’ head office in Sydney, Australia

HEO Robotics has a mission to image any object in the Solar System. We are a small group of dedicated individuals, headquartered in Sydney, Australia, who have a shared vision and a stronger work ethic. This past year brought more opportunities to the HEO Robotics team. As a result, our team grew in size, expertise, and we were able to tackle increasingly complex and challenging projects. All while moving offices… twice! We expanded our operations and opened an office in London, UK and secured a facility at UTS Techlabs for hardware manufacturing.

We partnered

Graphic from HEO Robotics’ Supplier Day

This year, we grew our access to 35 space-based sensors in strategic locations through our partnerships with Satellogic, Axelspace, and more. This was a major milestone for us, as it allowed us to greatly expand our capabilities and offerings. We were able to use these cameras to gather high-resolution imagery and data from space, which was used to improve our products and services. As a result, HEO Robotics established itself as a leader in the industry and achieved significant growth.

We travelled

Members from the HEO Robotics team at IAC in Paris, France

As the world’s first private company to offer in-orbit satellite inspection services, we showcased our capabilities across the globe. Our team participated in AMOS in beautiful Maui, Hawai’i. We joined space-industry leaders at IAC 2022 in the famous Paris, France. And, our Sydney team met up with our London, UK, subsidiary at the Farnborough International Airshow. Let’s see where 2023 takes us!

Making space transparent

Images from the capture China Long March 5B rocket body as it continued its uncontrolled reentry back to Earth

Space-based sensors using HEO Inspect caught the China Long March 5B (CZ5B) rocket as it continued its uncontrolled re-entry back to Earth. Our space-to-space imagery and intelligence supports strategic decision-making and accountability efforts by making space transparent. The rocket re-entered the atmosphere over the south-central Pacific Ocean.

Awarded for innovation

Director of Operations and Marketing, Fiona Tschaut, accepted the InnovationAus 2022 Awards for Excellence

HEO Robotics won the Space, Earth Observation, and Geospatial Awareness category at the InnovationAus 2022 Awards for Excellence for our satellite imagery innovation. The category featured Australia’s best and brightest companies, poised to make key contributions in the growing space sector. Space-related technologies underpin the daily lives of all Australians, playing critical roles in agriculture, telecommunications, disaster management, climate change, and more. We’ll continue to keep these technologies operating efficiently by providing unprecedented in-orbit satellite inspection and monitoring services through our HEO Inspect software platform.

Securing a ticket to space

A photo of the Holmes Imager

We have spent the last year building expertise in space optics design, manufacturing, assembly, and testing, to feed into our space-based sensor pipeline. We developed the Holmes Imager, the next-generation of space-to-space imagery. Holmes’ advanced optics will supercharge HEO Inspect and deliver higher-quality images, giving our customers more coverage and better insights. In 2022, we secured our ticket to space, and our first Holmes will launch in 2023.

For a fast-growing, innovative, and nimble company like HEO Robotics, a lot can happen. 2022 has been a landmark year and has set the foundation for years to come. Follow along to see what we can achieve in the new year.

Thank you, 2022!