HEO Robotics and Axelspace partner to integrate 5 space-based sensors into the HEO Inspect software

HEO Robotics and Axelspace Corporation announced at the HEO Robotics Supplier Day event that they have entered into a partnership to give HEO Inspect, HEO Robotics’ satellite inspection software platform, access to 5 space-based sensors. The software provides critical insights to satellite operators that help advance their understanding of their space asset and its environment, changing how we monitor and understand space assets by providing a new level of real-time information and innovative space services.

Axelspace’s detailed satellite imagery will empower HEO Inspect’s flyby inspection and computer-vision capabilities to provide revolutionary in-orbit inspection, identification, verification and monitoring services.

The partnership brings HEO Robotics’ access to 35 space-based sensors. Growing HEO Robotics’ presence in low-Earth orbit continuously upgrades the ability to provide customers with higher imaging performance, higher frequency imaging, variable imaging times, fast tasking, and faster delivery timelines.

Frequent satellite-to-satellite imaging provides a deeper look of objects in-orbit, unlocking new use cases. HEO Inspect generates an actionable report with unprecedented intelligence to give satellite operators certainty regarding the state, behaviour, threats, and anomalies of on-orbit assets to make informed decisions.

Dr. William Crowe, CEO and Co-Founder of HEO Robotics, says “We are thrilled to partner with Axelspace. Access to their cameras will have a substantial impact on our ability to provide in-space services. We will be able to enhance our ability to quickly monitor satellites and easily integrate our software into the day-to-day operations of satellite owners. Through this partnership, we are shaping up innovations that service the space environment, while sharing our values of making space transparent, safe, and sustainable.”

Dr. Yuya Nakamura, President and CEO of Axelspace added: “We are pleased to announce the partnership with HEO Robotics. Since its establishment in 2008, Axelspace has been committed to democratising space utilisation through its unique microsatellite technology. AxelGlobe, our Earth observation platform where we operate 5 optical imaging satellites in orbit, has been serving various clients in a wide range of industries such as agriculture, forestry, mapping, disaster monitoring, environment, and urban planning. I myself was astonished to hear the idea of using our satellites to monitor other in-orbit objects, as our satellites were originally designed to monitor the surface of the Earth only. The partnership between both companies this time opened up a new possibility of Earth observation satellites. We hope that this partnership will be further strengthened to together contribute to the sound growth of the space industry.”

About HEO Robotics

HEO Robotics was founded under the belief that space should be transparent. Today, they are pioneering software and hardware technologies to make this possible, with the ultimate mission to image anything within the Solar System on demand. HEO Robotics is a leader of satellite-to-satellite imagery. It was the first private company to offer in-orbit satellite inspection services. Today, the company’s unique capability is delivered through their proprietary software platform, HEO Inspect.

URL: https://www.heo-robotics.com/

About Axelspace CorporationAxelspace is providing solutions with its unique microsatellite technology. Their main business activities are Earth Observation Platform "AxelGlobe" and one-stop service of your own micro-satellites "AxelLiner". They offers Earth observation solutions, proposal of solutions utilizing microsatellites, design and manufacture of microsatellites and related components, launch arrangements for microsatellites, and operational support and commissioning. URL: https://www.axelspace.com/


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