Meet Holmes Imager, the next-generation telescopic space camera

We are excited to announce the launch of our next-generation space hardware the Holmes Imager.

Holmes Imager is a telescopic space camera developed by HEO Robotics and designed to be hosted as a secondary payload on spacecraft. Holmes is the world’s first commercial camera dedicated to non-Earth imaging designed and manufactured right here in Australia.

Today, HEO Robotics has access to 38 satellites in low-Earth orbit but that is about to change. We have spent the last year building expertise in space optics design, manufacturing, assembly, and testing.


APERTURE : 94 mm

FIELD OF VIEW : 0.4 deg

VOLUME : 274 (L) x 115 (W) x 125 (H) mm

MASS : 2.3 kg

POWER : 6.0 W

HEO Robotics has set the goal of gaining access to LEO, MEO, GEO, and Cis-Lunar by 2027. The Holmes Imager serves to empower HEO Robotics’ satellite inspection software platform, HEO Inspect. HEO Inspect is an in-orbit satellite inspection software platform that enables non-Earth imaging (NEI) and delivers intelligence on space objects. HEO Inspect will process and analyse Holmes’ captured data, enabling customers to explore and interpret space objects with greater clarity and accuracy.

HEO Robotics was founded under the belief that space should be transparent. Today, HEO Robotics is pioneering software and hardware technologies to make this possible, with the ultimate mission to image anything within the Solar System on demand. Since its unveiling in August 2022, HEO Inspect has been used by governments, defence, and commercial industry to visually monitor space objects. The Holmes Imager will increase HEO Robotics’ coverage in space by providing satellites a transformational new capability while helping to develop solutions for customers to better understand space assets and understand their environment through non-Earth images. The Holmes imager will enable HEO Inspect to deliver innovative solutions that benefit space players, while:

  • Reducing the time from tasking to data download
  • Extending space-based imaging operations with HEO Robotics’ owned and operated sensors
  • Conducting experiments to identify limitations and potential areas for improvement in NEI

Data and insights provided by HEO Inspect will have a tremendous impact on space situational awareness (SSA). The applications range from intelligence, identification, verification, serviceability to debris removal.

We are excited about the next phase of our company’s journey and growth trajectory as a hardware enabled software company. As a company committed to advancing space exploration and sustainability, we are proud to showcase Australia's capabilities and contributions to the global space industry. By equipping satellites already launching into space with our state-of-the-art camera technology, we are taking a proactive approach to ensuring the long-term sustainability of space operations, reducing the need for additional satellite launches.

If you represent a satellite operator or owner and are interested in partnering with HEO Robotics, please reach out to us.