HEO USA Secures NOAA Approval For Non-Earth Imaging Cameras

Washington, D.C. – June 25 – HEO USA, a commercial on-demand, high-resolution non-Earth imaging (NEI) data and analytics provider announced they’ve received approval from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to operate their Holmes non-Earth Imaging (NEI) camera as hosted payloads on US flagged space vehicles.    

Holmes Imagers are optimized for NEI operations and are designed to be integrated as hosted payloads on partner space vehicles.  Together with HEO’s proprietary HEO Inspect NEI tasking software, these cameras capture detailed images of resident space objects for commercial, civil and national security space related applications.  

NOAA’s approval officially licenses HEO USA to integrate Holmes cameras with US manufactured and launched satellites and conduct unrestricted imaging of objects in low-Earth orbit.  This new capability enhances HEO’s existing network of in-space imaging sensors and provides expanded imaging opportunities across different orbital inclinations and altitudes. 

“This approval represents a huge milestone in HEO USA’s strategic growth as we continue to deliver a unique, high value capability to the US commercial space marketplace,” said Nate Notargiacomo, Head of HEO USA.  “ We recognize as space gets more congested and contested the demand for high quality, innovative space domain awareness capabilities has become an imperative.  We’re thankful to the NOAA Commercial Remote Sensing Regulatory Affairs team for their support and assistance getting our license approved and for allowing us the opportunity to increase US based system capacity to our existing on orbit sensor network. ”

HEO USA’s first two NOAA-licensed Holmes imagers are scheduled to launch in October 2024 and February 2025 on Sidus Space’s LizzieSat 2 and 3, with a third scheduled to launch on Impulse Space’s Mira in November 2024. 


HEO USA INC. (HEO) is an Australian owned, US-based small business that delivers commercial on-demand, resolved non-Earth imaging (NEI) and analytic services at scale to government, defense, and commercial customers using a growing constellation of in-space sensors. Our automated HEO Inspect software platform allows customers to directly task resolved images and analytics of objects in low-Earth orbit (LEO) from any internet connected device and receive results within 24 hours of successful collection. We partner with existing sensor constellations and launch our own HEO sensors as hosted payloads to deliver industry leading capability.