HEO Robotics funded by Y Combinator

HEO Robotics has been funded by Y Combinator as part of the S21 batch, which culminated this week with the YC Demo Day. This allowed HEO to take part in Y Combinator’s core program, famously known as being more difficult to get into than Harvard University.

During the program, HEO Robotics increased its growth and customer engagement, onboarding three new customers and performing live in-orbit demonstrations. The network, mentoring and brand associated with the program will help HEO in its mission for years to come. Special thanks to our Group Partners Michael Seibel and Tim Brady, as well as our Visiting Group Partners Diana Hu and Calvin French-Owen, who provided advice and support throughout the program.

The batch was fully remote, meaning that we needed to wake super early Australian time to participate. We were one of two Australian companies accepted into this batch (the other being Endla). The image below shows a selfie of me in HEO HQ, just before remote demo day, ready to present.

A highlight of the demo day was appearing in the Techcrunch “favourites” list, along with some of the other space companies in this YC batch (shown below).

A huge shout-out to Pasha Rayan from Forage, who helped us realise this opportunity!

Now, back to work!