HEO Inspect 2.0 Product Update (February, 2024)

We're one month into 2024. Find out how you can unleash the power of non-Earth imaging and maximise your time with HEO Inspect 2.0's new and upcoming features.

What’s covered in this edition:

  • Attitude Determination
  • Streamlining User Workflows Through Objects Page


Attitude Determination

Screenshot from HEO Inspect 2.0 showing attitude data of the Hubble Space Telescope

With HEO’s attitude determination feature we are supporting fault recovery missions. We are also supporting active debris removal and in-orbit servicing missions by confirming the size and state of spacecraft and identifying where a docking port is pointing.

Through our imagery you can verify:

  • If your satellite is pointing in the correct direction
  • The direction of the solar panels
  • If your satellite is operating as expected

To come: Results derived from our assessment are paving the way to help determine the satellite’s spin state, spin rate and spin axis. We will be sharing the results of the experiments in the next update.

*Attitude determination is available for spacecraft where at least one of the spacecraft's dimensions is larger than 2m


Streamlining User Workflows Through Objects Page

Screenshot from the HEO Inspect 2.0 showing the objects page for the Chinese Space Station

Now you can better digest your satellite's operation and state over time to help improve your tracking and maintenance capabilities with our new object-centred page. You can access:

  • All historical data connected to your satellite
  • Individual mission reports to see the state of your spacecraft on specific dates
  • Tools such as 3D models, attitude determination, and orbital activity to paint the full picture of your satellite

UI/UX Updates

  • We’ve streamlined the UI/UX process across the app to provide a smoother user experience and allow users to search for their objects easier.

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