Our Mission

Image anything in the solar system on-demand

HEO’s on-demand non-Earth imaging (NEI) and analytics services enable commercial, government and defence organisations to identify, characterise and monitor space objects at scale.

our Technology

HEO Inspect

Our HEO Inspect 2.0 web app allows customers to task in-orbit sensors to collect resolved imagery of space objects from any internet connected device and receive results within 24 hours of successful capture. Our proprietary analytics tools embedded within HEO Inspect 2.0 aim to support a wide range of mission objectives. We currently employ over 30 sensors in LEO with plans to grow our ecosystem to over 1000 sensors across all orbital regimes by 2027, with GEO coverage expected in 2025.


Deeper Understanding of Spacecraft

A suite of custom-built tools, powered by HEO Inspect, that provide persistent awareness and security across satellite constellations.

Our Customers

Partnering with commercial companies, governments, and defence around the world.

We support operations with the largest space and intelligence agencies in the world, including the US government, the UK government, and other partners around the world.

Latest News

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Holmes Imager

HEO USA Secures NOAA Approval For Non-Earth Imaging Cameras

HEO USA announced they’ve received approval from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to operate their Holmes non-Earth Imaging (NEI) camera as hosted payloads on US flagged space vehicles.

Will Crowe speaking at HEO's T-Minus event

UK Space Agency project captures images of satellite returning to Earth

Images from space showing the European Remote Sensing Satellite (ERS-2) as it makes its return to Earth, have been released today by the UK Space Agency.

SpaceX Falcon Rocket Launch

HEO Announces Partnership with Impulse Space for Non-Earth Imaging Services

Impulse will host HEO’s in-space imager, HOLMES-007, onboard a Mira orbital transfer vehicle (OTV) as part of the LEO Express-2 mission.