Redefining Satellite Inspection

We believe that in a world where space infrastructure is essential, a resilient space architecture is key to protect and get the most out of your assets and data.

Our Solution

HEO Inspect is a resilient space architecture that combines software and space-based hardware for highly automated space-to-space imaging for every mission. We adopt a sustainable approach to solving today’s problems in space. Rather than launching our own hardware, we foster collaboration opportunities with companies to access existing space-based sensors during their downtime.

A screenshot showing the inspection tab of he HEO Inspect web app
Text that reads "Dragon Spacecraft Successfully Docked"NEI Image of the International Space StationText that reads "New Rosa Installed"

HEO Inspect

Our hybrid space architecture creates non-Earth imagery and comprehensive analytics, available on demand. Satellites play an essential role in our society by connecting the world, observing Earth, and keeping us safe. HEO Inspect gives you the complete information to optimise in-orbit operations, ensure the safety and security of your assets, and bolster space situational awareness. Our software enables innovative decision-making and unlocks new value propositions in the booming space economy.

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Non-Earth Imaging

Non-Earth Imaging entails the utilisation of space-based sensors to capture high-resolution images of spacecraft. NEI's advanced capabilities significantly enhances space resiliency and bolsters operators' situational awareness. It offers specific solutions that effectively address key challenges, such as:

Space Domain Awareness

Identify and characterise objects, inspect their state, and monitor their behaviour

Space Traffic Management

Monitor the space environment for orbital debris, which poses a growing threat to space assets

Satellite Operations

Ensure the smooth running of on-orbit operations and monitor assets overtime

National Security

Provide intelligence on the state, activity, and behaviour of space objects and their environment

benefits of HEO Inspect

Largest network of space-based sensors

Satellite pattern of life insights

Unclassified data now shareable

Insights provided in 24 hours

Resolution up to 7.5cm/pixel

Coverage up to 800km

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